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Fake Tanning All Year Round

Winter arrives and you start the chore of packing away light floral dresses and pastel summer tops into storage. But make sure you think twice before ditching your collection of self-tanning lotions.

Just because the sun doesn’t plan to re-appear for a few months, it doesn’t mean you should let your sun kissed skin fade to a lily-white pallor under your new knee-high boots.

Spray on Tan vs. Gradual Self Tan

But if the idea of spending money and time on a professional spray tan only to cover it up doesn’t entice you, there are cheaper and easier choices on hand. A great idea is a tan that builds and maintains gradually. A lotion such as Garnier’sAmbreSolaire self-tanning moisturising milk does just this. The cream based tan works over a 12-hour period, gradually building a tan over days of use. Simply apply daily until you reach the healthy glow you desire, and then “top-up” by using it every few days afterwards.

Although it is gradual you will notice a difference from the first time you use it, so it is strong enough to use the day of a big event. However if the idea of applying tan on the day of a party scares you, try mixing the self-tanning lotion with your regular body moisturiser in the palm of your hand before applying. This “waters down” the strength of the tan while also helping ensure it is evenly spread over your body.

Moisturiser with Benefits

Another good alternative to keep winter skin away is to try using a moisturiser that has a hint of self-tanning included within the ingredients. These moisturisers are the best for a slow, steady build up to a healthy glow or for keeping your current tan looking fresh and all you have to do is simply replace your regular body-lotion with a self-tanning one!

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A great product is the Dove Summer Glow Beauty Body Lotion, which comes in two shades so you can choose the right one for your skin tone. The best part about this lotion is it is light enough to double up as a tinted moisturiser for your face!

If you have an important party looming, it is a good idea to use your self-tanner each evening in the lead up. That way you can control the depth of the tan and allow your self some time to fix any streaks or problems that may arise. Though if you do decide to apply your tan before going to bed make sure you change your white sheets to darker ones! Good luck and enjoy the winter.