Cover FX Primer, CLEARPREP FX: Get Acne Free Skin with An Acne Treatment Face Primer

CLEARPREP FX is a foundation primer created by Cover FX. Like many foundation primers this product will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores. It will also help the foundation go on smoother and extend the wear time of foundation.

What sets CLEARPREP FX from other foundation primers is the ability to help heal and prevent acne. The formula works for all skin types even sensitive skin but its preferred users are those with oily or combination skin that are prone to breakouts.

Cover FX Face Primer is the Solution to Acne Free Skin

CLEARPREP FX leaves a matte appearance with ingredients that absorb oil, exfoliate skin and strengthens the skin so that it will be acne free skin, shine free and have a more youthful appearance. The ingredients are known as the Derma Veil technology which are in all of Cover FX foundation primers, is a complex that immediately reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. Also included are solutions to fight the four main causes of acne: excess oil, thickening of the skin, inflammation and bacteria proliferation.

Review of Cover FX CLEARPREP FX

When first trying the CLEARPREP FX, the product goes on smooth and light feeling. It helped the skin feel softer and appear smoother. Pores were definitely less noticeable after using the foundation primer.

Over the next month, acne was beginning to heal and fewer breakouts were starting to appear. It also helped speed up the healing process of existing acne. With most acne treatments the skin can become dry and irritated. Fortunately, that did not happen with the CLEARPREP FX.

How to Use Cover FX CLEARPREP FX Foundation Primer

After cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Apply CLEARPREP FX all over the face with fingers, sponge or foundation brush. The product can be used alone to help minimize fine lines and pores while providing an acne treatment. Or use the product as a base to foundation to help foundation go on smoother and last longer.

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There are other foundation primers available through Cover FX. SKINPREP FX is the company’s original primer formula and provides the same foundation primer benefits at CLEARPREP FX but also includes an anti-aging treatment. It works for all skin types, specifically normal to dry and is safe for sensitive skin. BRITEPREP FX contains SPF 50, and helps diminish the appearance of photo-aging, brightens skin to diminish the appearance of fine lines and pores as well as providing the foundation primer benefits. It is safe for all skin types including sensitive skin with a focus consumer being one who has sun stops, hyper pigmentation and a dull skin tone.

Report Encourages Widespread Use Of ASA: Benefits For Men, Women Of Certain Ages

The new recommendations are in a report from the US Preventive Services Task Force.

  • Women age 55 to 79 years old should take ASA to prevent strokes, providing the benefit outweighs the risk of ASA.
  • Men age 45 to 79 years old should take ASA to prevent heart attacks, providing the benefit outweighs the risk of ASA.

These new recommendation are stronger than the 2002 ones from the same group. Along with these new recommendations, the experts present ways to estimate personal benefit and risk. The report is available on the AHRQ website.

How to Calculate Stroke Benefit

The benefit is reduction in stroke risk. Tables are provided to estimate how women may benefit from taking ASA (Report Figure 4). For example, among 65 year old women with a 5% 10-year stroke risk, eight strokes per 1000 women will be prevented by taking ASA.

To Determine Stroke Risk

You can determine your personal stroke risk using the an interactive calculator at the Western Stroke Organization (for the web address, look under “Clinical Considerations, Women). For example, a 65 year old woman with systolic blood pressure of 160 has a 5.2% risk of stroke over 10 years (‘systolic’ is the first set of numbers in a blood pressure reading). If she also is a smoker, the risk jumps to 8.8%.

For a man of the same age, same systolic blood pressure, and a smoker, the ten year stroke risk is almost 14%.

To Determine Heart Attack Risk and Benefit

You can determine your personal heart attack risk using the provided link to an interactive calculator at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Benefit–heart attacks prevented–is provided in Figure 2 of the report. For example, a 65 year old non-smoking man with no special risks, LDL cholesterol 99, HDL cholesterol 45, has a 10% risk of a heart attack in the next ten years. Taking ASA by 1000 men in this risk profile will prevent 32 heart attacks in ten years.

ASA Risks

Whether or not to take ASA depends on the downside–the risks of taking ASA–as well as the benefits. ASA use increases the risk of serious bleeding from the stomach and elsewhere in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The risk is increased in people who have bled once. Previous bleeding from the GI tract is associated with at least double the risk of bleeding from ASA.

The risk is increased four times over in people who concurrently take NSAIDS (Motrin, Aleve, Naprosyn, others). Uncontrolled hypertension increases bleeding risks. Taking warfarin (coumadin, others) is generally considered a contraindication to ASA (ASA should not be used with warfarin).

  • Men have twice the risk of bleeding than women.
  • Enteric coating on ASA has not been shown to reduce the risk of bleeding.
  • There are special safety considerations for older people.

Other Benefits of ASA

Not included in the Task Force’s considerations are other potential benefits from ASA. It may reduce the risk of dangerous colon polyps; however, a recent study indicated it does not reduce the risk of death from colon cancer. (Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2009 (Feb 18); 101:256)

What to Do

The panel encourages shared decision making. Individuals should discuss their potential personal benefits and risks from ASA with their physician.

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